CommSec (PDF) provides commentary on economic performance by state and territory. Further detail is in the NAB State Economic Overview (PDF).

Sydney house price growth over the past year (dates and methodologies differ between research houses) are shown below:

Price growth charts over a longer time period are shown by CoreLogic Housing Overview Chartpack (PDF)

FDI Intelligence – a unit of The Financial Times, which is considered by Global Capital Markets Survey (link) to be the world’s most important business read, and by the Worldwide Professional Investment Community audience (link) as the most credible publication in reporting financial and economic issues – issues a report on the top Global Cities of the Future: the Top 25 overall; and the Top 10 by various criteria. The most recent fDI Global Cities of the Future report (PDF) has Sydney ranked 19th overall, and 4th for Human Capital & Lifestyle

Western Sydney – Shaping Future Cities Blueprint – Deloitte Access Economics (PDF)

Supply & Demand

Forecasts from respected economic forecaster BIS Oxford Economics (PDF) for the three year to 2021 are that for NSW:

  • Net Overseas Migration is expected to move from about +73k pa (10 year average) to +81k pa
  • Net Interstate Migration is expected to move from about -14k pa (10 year average) to -29k pa
  • Therefore, total Net Migration is expected to move from about +59k pa to +52k pa
  • Taking into account natural population growth, Underlying Demand for dwellings is expected to be about +59k pa
  • Dwelling Commencements for 2017/18 are running at about +68k pa
  • Dwelling Stock Deficiency/Surplus (as a % annual underlying demand) is expected to move from a deficiency of around 80% to a deficiency of around 50%

Property price forecasts about Sydney:

National & International economic indicators related to property

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