Direct property ownership is an Australian dream.

It has created wealth and financial independence for many investors. It can continue to do so for investors that receive the right advice. Our objective is to provide the advice, to allow these dreams to be realised.

Since 1993 the principals of Compass Capital have been providing advice on quality properties throughout Australia.

Our people

Compass is composed of very experienced professionals. Each has decades of experience in their key areas. These areas include research & economics; finance & funding; financial planning & wealth creation; and, of course, property.

Our Advice

Our advice is based on our research, our network, and our detailed knowledge acquired over decades of experience. Our advice covers tailoring the right property to the circumstances and goals of the investor, correct purchase entity structuring, and if required provision of personalised investor cash flows.


Our research is designed to locate the regions of Australia that are at the right stage of the property cycle, and the areas within those regions that are likely to outperform. Detailed investment reports are prepared. The goal is to identify those opportunities with superior potential for capital growth and yield returns, and to explain clearly why this is the case.


Once the right area is identified, it is important to source quality builders and developers that can be counted upon to deliver a value for money product that does not let the investor down. We also have access to many properties not available to the general public including off-plan and, from time to time, pre-release and off-market properties including liquidator stock. If required, we can also recommend funders, lawyers and letting agents.


Finally, we use our experience to ensure that the product we recommend is well priced and, where appropriate, negotiate terms on behalf of our clients such as altering settlement conditions or deposit requirements.

Protection of your relationship with your client

If you are an advisor seeking advice for or interaction with your valued client, we are very aware through our long experience in professional practice of the need to protect the special relationship you have with your clients. We know that the best way of building and sustaining long-term relationships is to work for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Next Steps

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