Compass Capital sources investment properties enabling accountants, financial planners and other advisors to deliver real value to their clients.

The long term relationships developed between Compass Capital and investors and advisors, provides a consultative, research & investment~oriented approach to property selection advice. This advice is based on the unique experience of the principals with decades of experience in financial planning and economics, as well as property.

Compass Capital provides detailed research reports on properties most likely to out-perform in yield and capital growth.

Investment House & Land

House & land has proven to be a good long term investment.
Depreciation, together with the rent, means that in times of low interest rates the investment is often cash flow positive from the outset.
Even at higher interest rates, the tax deductions usually mean that there is little after tax cost to holding a property while waiting for the long term capital gain.

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Owner Occupier House & Land

Owner Occupiers have different considerations to investors.
They often do not want a standard product.
Compass has access to builders that are prepared to provide bespoke product at similar price to investment product without heavy mark-up for design changes and upgrades.

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High Yield – Dual Occupancy House & Land

Dual occupancy house & land are two homes on a single title.
This provides for two rental incomes, which is very attractive to investors.
Dual Occs also appeal to owner occupiers who want a second income, or who wish to provide provide separate (but close) accommodation to older children or parents.

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